Become a Pro in ChatGPT and Midjourney Using Effective Prompts

Struggling to keep up with the demand for fresh or high-quality Blogs, Ad Copies, Email Sequences, Images, Videos and Presentations? We will help you streamline your content creation process using AI.

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Content Creators

Struggling to keep up with the demand for fresh or high-quality ? Feeling overwhelmed ? We will help you streamline your content process using AI

Digital Marketers

Is email marketing, social media marketing and SEO your major Task ? Do you find Challenging Targeting your Audience ? We will help you to understand how AI can optimize your strategies for better results.

Brand Managers

Responsible for maintain Brand's Identity ? Struggling to enhance your brand reputation and recognition ? We will help you learn how AI can ensure Brand consistency.

Marketing Managers and Directors

Struggling in leadership roles to improve Team Efficiency ? Looking to Enhance Marketing Results ? Want to Stay ahead of Industry Trends ? We will help you in comprehensive understanding of how AI can be integrated into the broader marketing strategy for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Seeking Cost-Effective Strategies to Enchance your online Presence ? Struggling to Compete with peers ? We will help you to improve your online presence and marketing efforts using AI

Data Analysts and Researchers

Finding Difficulty in Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting ? Wish to leverage AI for Data Processing and Insights? we will help you unlock full-potential in Data Driven Decision Making using AI

Outcomes you can expect

Enhanced Efficiency and Time Savings

Upon course completion, you'll efficiently utilize AI tools like ChatGPT for content creation, saving valuable time.

Boost productivity

Learn the art of prompt engineering and get mundane tasks done.

Refined Content Planning

Learn to strategize content calendars, conduct research, optimize for SEO, and set clear goals for resonating content.

Social Media Mastery

Create captivating social media captions, enhancing engagement, brand awareness, and collaboration opportunities.

Persuasive Marketing and Email Expertise

Craft persuasive marketing copy and email campaigns with AI content, driving conversions and engagement for clients.

Blogging Excellence

Craft engaging blog posts and articles with AI-based foundations, boosting online presence and credibility.

Tools you will learn

Bard AI
3 Days Webinar Curriculum
  • Content optimization: Optimize Keywords and content strategy for better organic reach.
  • Exploring ChatGPT Using Effective Prompts
  • Create Stunning PowerPoint Presentations using ChatGPT
  • Content Planning Strategy using ChatGPT
  • Leveraging ChatGPT for Keyword Research
  • SEO and Website Page Maximize with ChatGPT
  • Crafting a Blog Post on “How to Make Money Online
  • AI Paraphrase Tool and AI Detector
  • Understanding Copyright and Plagiarism
  • Writing High Converting Sales Page as a Freelancer
  • Brainstorming Podcast Scripts for Audio
  • Generating Content Ideas using ChatGPT
  • Creating Video Scripts and Editing with AI Tools
  • Creating Images for Blog Post and Video using Midjourney
  • Market Research for Startups 
  • Creating Buyer Persona for marketing Campaigns and Business
  • Generate Landing Page Copy using ChatGPT
  • Email Marketing with ChatGPT

Here’s Why You Need to Master Generative AI

Pre Requisites

Basic computer skills, including file management and web browsing, are necessary.

A stable connection is vital for accessing course materials and online tools.

Participants typically don’t need prior coding experience.

Why Students Choose Us for Gaining Knowledge

Augmintech is where you become the Top 1% in your field.

Our learners love our unique blend of quality education, industry relevance, and personalized support. Collaboration with industry experts, ensure acquisition of practical, in-demand skills. 

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Meet Your Mentor

Aafiya Noorian Khan is top AI expert , particularly excelling in tools like ChatGPT.

With an impressive 7+ years of experience in the field, she’s a seasoned AI educator, widely recognized for her expertise.

Driven by her passion for teaching, Aafiya has successfully mentored students from across the globe, offering both online and in-person guidance.

Regardless of whether you’re a student eager to learn or a professional seeking AI prowess, Aafiya, our distinguished AI mentor, is poised to provide you with comprehensive and expert-level support on your journey to mastering AI.

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Become a Pro in ChatGPT and Midjourney Using Effective Prompts


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