3 Days Webinar on HAP with Projects

Join our exclusive webinar and become a proficient HVAC designer with the ability to accurately calculate load requirements for any HVAC system.

Aug 25, 26,27, 2023 | 8-10 PM IST


Sajjad Ansari

Mechanical engineer with expertise in AutoCAD, Revit, MEP Design and drafting field

What You Will Learn

Getting Familiar With HAP

Get a comprehensive introduction to the HAP software, its interface, and key features.

Creating Space Sheets

Learn how to create detailed space sheets within HAP to accurately represent different areas in your projects

Constructing Roof Layers

Master the art of constructing roof layers within HAP to optimize thermal efficiency.

Doors, Windows, and Shades

Learn to model doors, windows, and shades in HAP for precise load calculations.

Weather Data Integration

how to incorporate weather data from various sources into HAP, with real-world examples from actual projects.

Creating Schedule Profiles

Dive into creating schedule profiles for occupants and equipment to ensure accurate load estimations.

Data Inputs for Spaces

Discover how to input data for various factors such as fresh air, lighting, electrical equipment, partitions.

Sizing Equipment Capacity

 Learn the essential techniques for sizing individual equipment capacity to meet load requirements.

Who Should Attend

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to become a proficient HVAC designer capable of accurate heat load calculations using HAP software. Enroll now and unlock a world of HVAC design possibilities! Limited spots available.

Benefits of This Course

Professional Certification

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate as an accredited HVAC Designer, demonstrating your expertise in load calculation.

Practical Application

Apply your newfound knowledge directly to your design projects, producing more accurate and efficient HVAC systems.

Enhanced Skills

Develop a keen eye for HVAC design concepts and witness a remarkable improvement in your skill set.

Exclusive Course Bonuses

Get a downloadable space sheet template for your projects.

Access detailed handbooks to deepen your understanding of HVAC design principles.

Receive a valuable data book containing essential references and guidelines.

Gain access to downloadable files and links to free software that complements your HVAC design work.

Validate your learnings and achievements with an instructor-signed certificate from Augmintech and increase your job prospects & professional credibility by adding it to your CV.

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Our Learner Voice

Frequently asked questions

I made the payment but didn’t receive any email

Please write to : support@augmintech.com, our awesome support team will get back to you in 24 hours.

Would there be any certificate on completion?

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion of the workshop. You must finish the given assignment to earn your certificate.

When will I receive the certificate?

You will receive certificate at the end of the Webinar.

Will there be any course materials provided?

You will receive Course materials like 

• Free Space sheet of HAP
• Free Handbooks
• Free Data Book
• Downloadable Files/Links of Free Software
• Sample Buildings Plans for Project

₹ 299

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