Generative AI for Marketers

Master AI and ChatGPT to Create High Converting Landing Pages, Ad Copies, Email Sequences, Videos, Images, Presentations and Chatbot. Perform SEO, Market Research, Competitor Analysis and Earn using AI and ChatGPT

20 Days Bootcamp with 20 Projects

Content Creators and Writers

Content writers, bloggers, and creators looking to leverage AI technology to enhance their content creation process and productivity

Digital Marketers

Digital marketing professionals seeking to incorporate AI-generated content into their marketing strategies, from social media to email campaigns

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Small business owners and entrepreneurs interested in using AI to create content for their websites, blogs, and social media platforms

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers responsible for content strategy and digital marketing campaigns who want to explore AI-powered content solutions.

SEO Specialists

SEO professionals looking to harness AI for keyword research, content optimization, and SEO-driven content creation

AI Enthusiasts

Individuals curious about the capabilities of AI, including ChatGPT, and its applications in content creation

Outcomes you can expect

Outcome 1: 60% Time-saving Content

After completing the course, you'll save 60% of content creation time with ChatGPT, boosting productivity.

Outcome 2: 40% Higher Customer Engagement

Master conversational techniques to increase customer engagement by 40%, resulting in a 30% boost in sales.

Outcome 3: 35% SEO Improvement

Achieve a 35% boost in SEO performance, leading to 20% more organic traffic and 15% higher leads and sales.

Outcome 5: 70% Streamlined Support

Implement automated support, saving 70% time and improving satisfaction by 30%, boosting repeat business by 25%.

Outcome 6: 20% Better Ads

Generate ads with 20% higher click-through rates, reducing costs by 15% and increasing ROI by 40%.

Outcome 4: 50% Email Effectiveness

Enhance email marketing with a 50% higher open rate and 25% more clicks, driving a 20% increase in revenue.

Tools you will learn

Course Syllabus

Here’s Why You Need to Master Generative AI

Pre Requisites

Basic computer skills, including file management and web browsing, are necessary.

A stable connection is vital for accessing course materials and online tools.

Participants typically don’t need prior coding experience

Why Students Choose Us for Gaining Knowledge

Augmintech is where you become the Top 1% in your field.

Our learners love our unique blend of quality education, industry relevance, and personalized support. Our meticulously designed training courses, in collaboration with industry experts, ensure acquisition of practical, in-demand skills. We also provide dedicated job support.

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Meet Your Mentor

Aafiya Noorian Khan is a Software Engineer,with Experitise in Full Stack Development and Data Science using Python with 7+ years of experience in Technical Industry. 

She is Passionate about Teaching and Sharing the knowledge in her domain expertise. She has trained ample number of Students across the globe online and in person. 

Whether you are a Student or a Working professional,Programmer or a Non Progammer looking to make a career transition or upskill yourself,our Trainer will help you and guide you with her knowledge and expertise.

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AUGMINTECH an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization, registered under Government of India. We are recognized by top accreditation bodies with international standards. Our certifications are therefore recognized globally AUGMINTECH an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization, registered under Government of India. We are recognized by top accreditation bodies with international standards.

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