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Sept 15, 2023

Sept 15, 2023

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Program description

Advance your career with in-demand skills in Data Science and Machine Learning


Welcome to the Comprehensive Data Science and Machine Learning course with Python!
This immersive online course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of data science and machine learning.
Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned programmer, this course provides a step-by-step journey through the world of data analysis, machine learning, Excel, SQL, Reporting Tools like Power BI and Tableau and practical applications. By the end of this course, you’ll be proficient in Python, well-versed in data manipulation, and confident in building and deploying machine learning models.
Steps to Work on Projects
Download data and perform the necessary manipulations, analyze and Visualize the data. Build and Experiment ML model to improve its performance Submit the project and share the Learning

Required background

No prior coding experience is required to successfully complete this program, Programmers as well as Non-Programmers are most welcome to start their incredible learning journey in Data Science and Machine Learning Domain. The course teaches everything from scratch and contains in depth explanation of every topic with sufficient examples, exercises, Assignments and Assessments. 

However, This course is ideal for Learners with the following background:
Proficiency in Python programming language Familiarity with basic data analysis concepts (e.g., data types, data cleaning) Basic understanding of mathematics and statistics (e.g., algebra, descriptive statistics)

Demand Skills

Data science and analytics skills are highly sought after in today's job market. By completing a PG program in this field, you acquire a strong foundation in data analysis, statistical modeling.

Career Opportunities

Data science and analytics professionals are in high demand across industries. Completing a PG program in this field provides you with the knowledge and credentials to pursue diverse career opportunities.

Continuous Learning

Data science and analytics are rapidly evolving fields. Completing a PG program signifies your commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest advancements

Higher Earning

Data science and analytics roles often come with attractive salary packages due to the high demand for skilled professionals.

5 courses, including capstone project

Course 1 of 5

Course 1 - Introduction to Data Science using Python

  1. Understanding Basics of Python
  2. Performing Data Manipulation with Pandas
  3. Creating basic plots, Customizing plots and Data Exploration and Visualization
  4. Understanding Machine Learning methods, Model Selection and evaluation
  5. Understanding Descriptive and Inferential Statistical Techniques
  6. Capstone Project: Exploratory Data Analysis

- Analyze a real-world dataset
- Incorporate statistical analysis techniques
- Extract insights using statistics

Write a code that can be used to perform exploratory data analysis of a dataset. And then visualize and customize the dataset

Course 2 of 5

Course 2 - Machine Learning Algorithms with Python

  1. Performing Regression Analysis
  2. Classification of Algorithms
  3. Clustering the Algorithms
  4. Using Dimensionality Reduction using PCA and 
  5. Statistics for Machine Learning using Model Evaluation Metrics
    and comparing models using Statistical tests
  6. Capstone Project: Predictive Modeling

- Apply statistical techniques for model evaluation
- Interpret model results using statistical insights

Course 3 of 5

Course 3 - Deep Learning with Python

  1. Working with Perceptrons, Activating functions and Gradient Descent
  2. Exploring Deep Learning Frameworks like TensorFlow and Keras, Building and Training Neural Networks and
    Understanding Convolutional Neural and Recurrent Neural Networks.
  3. Working with Natural Language Processing (NLP),Understanding Tokenization and text preprocessing, Sentiment analysis.
  4. Learning Computer Vision, classifying image, Object Detection and Transfer Learning.
  5. Applying Statistics for Deep Learning, Performing Statistics of neural network training (loss, accuracy),Understanding Bayesian deep learning
    and Hyperparameter tuning using statistical methods
  6. Capstone Project: Deep Learning Application
    - Utilize statistical techniques for model performance evaluation and hyperparameter tuning

Course 4 of 5

Course 4 - Data Science for Business

  1. Business Understanding by Defining business problems, Identifying data-driven opportunities and Setting clear objectives
  2. Data Collection and Cleaning for Business, Gathering Data from various Sources, Integrating data and Data quality Assessment
  3. Feature Engineering for Business, Selecting relevant features scaling and Handling missing data
  4. Machine Learning for Business on given dataset, Customer segmentation, Churn prediction, Understanding Recommender systems
  5. Statistics for Business Analytics, Working with Descriptive statistics for business reporting, Performing A/B testing and
    hypothesis testing for decision-making and Regression analysis for forecasting and trend analysis.
  6. Capstone Project: Business Data Analysis
    - Apply statistical techniques to analyze business data
    - Use statistics to support business recommendations

Course 5 of 5

Analysis and Visualization using Excel, SQL, Power BI, Tableau and Big Data.

  1. Basics of Excel and Excel Functions for data Cleaning, Data Visualization in Excel Creating Charts and Graphs in Excel, Customizing Excel Visualizations
    Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  2. SQL for Data Retrieval, Writing SQL Queries to Retrieve and Manipulate Data, Learning Advanced SQL concepts.
  3. Building Basic Visualizations in Power BI, Interactivity and Drill-Through, Designing User-Friendly Dashboards
  4. Building Basic Visualizations in Tableau, Actions and Filters for Interactivity, Design Principles for Effective Dashboards, Connecting Data Sources and Building Visualizations in Tableau
  5. Big Data and Apache Spark with Python, Performing Data Processing and Analysis on Large Datasets, Spark DataFrames and SQL, Spark Machine Learning Library (MLlib)
  6. Capstone Project:
    - Combining and Applying knowledge of data science, machine learning, Excel, SQL, Power BI, and Tableau to tackle a complex real-world data problem, Selecting a challenging dataset, Perform comprehensive data analysis, create advanced visualizations, and present your findings using Power BI or Tableau.

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FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

What is the Duration of the Online Data Science Course?

Although the duration of the PG Program in Data Science and Machine Learning​ course is 4 months, it entirely depends on the number of modules you choose to learn.

What happens if I miss a session of my PG Program in Data Science and ML​ classes?

You need not worry about missing out on a session. However, if you miss one by any chance, our Relationships Manager will arrange a new session in place of a missed one.

Can I pay the total fee for my PG Program in Data Science and ML​ Course in EMIs?

Yes, you can avail of the No Cost EMI (No Interest) option at Itvedant, for which you are supposed to pay 25% of the fees as the first down payment and the remaining fees in 8 monthly installments.

What kind of salary can I expect after the successful completion of my Master's in PG Program in Data Science and ML Course?

A fresher in a PG Program in Data Science Course would draw a salary in the range of 3-15LPA at Itvedant.


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